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Adjustment of Equalizer in Professional Audio

In the professional audio system, the equalizer is one of the most commonly used devices. This device can divide the audio frequency 20Hz-20KHz into 31 frequency points, and control them effectively. Compared with other devices, the control accuracy is higher, and the professional expansion The Audio system really enjoys using this device. However, how to use the equalizer effectively is not an easy task. It mainly depends on the use occasion of professional audio, and the debugging method of the equalizer is also different in different environments.


What is an audio processor?

Audio processing is an audio processing device that we often use when we use many large electronic equipment. It can help us control music or Audiotrack, make it produce different Audio effects in different scenes, increase the shock of music or Audiotrack, and at the same time. Ability to control many audio functions in the field.


How does the amplifier match the speaker?

In the use of audio equipment, in order to obtain the best Audio quality + picture quality effect, you must master the matching method of speakers and power amplifiers, otherwise the best equipment will not be able to play its due performance. Then, we must pay attention to the matching degree of the amplifier and the speaker when connecting the amplifier and the speaker. So what do power amplifiers and speakers have to match?


[Notice] The Lanzhou Station of the 2022 Optoelectronics New Product Technology Tour has changed the event address!

Since Lanzhou Baiyun Hotel was requisitioned by the government, the sub-regional exhibition "2022 Acoustic Optoelectronic New Product Technology Tour Lanzhou Station" on September 2 was changed to: Hongyan Hall on the third floor of Lanzhou Haihong Holiday Hotel Address: Floor 7-19, No. 1669, Yandong Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province (Building 7) (Haihong Real Home)


Leimeng Technology launched the "Application Technology Service Station" program to better serve customers

In order to improve product service for customers, understand the company's products in the market and feedback, and better optimize products and services, Leimeng Technology has launched a plan to set up "application technology service stations" across the country this year. During the tour, Leimeng Technology will also hold a trial "Audio Industry Application Technology Exchange Activity" in the city where the tour is located or in the surrounding cities.


In 2022, the 5 stops of Lei Meng’s tour exhibition ended perfectly, and I look forward to meeting you at the next stop

The 2022 Acoustic Optoelectronics New Product Technology Tour organized by Guangzhou Fenyu Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. has been held on August 5 (Xiamen Station), August 9 (Nanchang Station), August 12 (Suzhou Station), and August 16. (Hefei Station), on August 19 (Qingdao Station), the five stations ended perfectly. Guangzhou Leimeng Technology Co., Ltd. was invited as an exhibitor and will participate in the exhibition activities of the nine sites throughout the tour. Looking forward to meeting you at the next 4 stops.


Leimeng Technology will meet you at the 2022 Acoustic Optoelectronics New Product Technology Tour

The 2022 Acoustic Optoelectronics New Product Technology Tour will last from August 5 to September 2 this year. There will be more than 20 companies presenting new products at the scene, and the industry's first performance of the blind listening appreciation meeting of well-known brands of microphones. Don't miss this opportunity! There are many beautiful gifts on site, welcome to visit!


What is virtual surround Audio

In the realization of surround Audio, whether it is Dolby AC3 or DTS, there is a feature that multiple speakers are required for playback, but due to price and space reasons, some users, such as multimedia computer users, do not enough speakers. At this time, a technology is needed that can process multi-channel signals and play them back in two parallel speakers

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