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Leimeng Technology is an enterprise focusing on audio products. The founder of the company, Mr. Wu Dan, was born in 1974 and has a number of software copyrights and technology patents.
After graduation, he worked in a military enterprise in Jiangxi Province. The quality management system of the military factory created his concept of high requirements for product quality, which had a long-term impact on his later career and life planning!
In the early 1990s, the entertainment industry was booming, and Mr. Wu Dan also came into contact with such an industry at that time.

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Adjustment of Equalizer in Professional Audio

In the professional audio system, the equalizer is one of the most commonly used devices. This device can divide the audio frequency 20Hz-20KHz into 31 frequency points, and control them effectively. Compared with other devices, the control accuracy is higher, and the professional expansion The Audio system really enjoys using this device. However, how to use the equalizer effectively is not an easy task. It mainly depends on the use occasion of professional audio, and the debugging method of the equalizer is also different in different environments.


What is an audio processor?

Audio processing is an audio processing device that we often use when we use many large electronic equipment. It can help us control music or Audiotrack, make it produce different Audio effects in different scenes, increase the shock of music or Audiotrack, and at the same time. Ability to control many audio functions in the field.


How does the amplifier match the speaker?

In the use of audio equipment, in order to obtain the best Audio quality + picture quality effect, you must master the matching method of speakers and power amplifiers, otherwise the best equipment will not be able to play its due performance. Then, we must pay attention to the matching degree of the amplifier and the speaker when connecting the amplifier and the speaker. So what do power amplifiers and speakers have to match?