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2022 VHi Audio System Processor

VHi: Party Audio system processor VHi is a Audio system processor developed by Leimeng Technology for small party venues (Party bars). 1. "Dual engine" pressure limit: maximum protection of audio equipment 2. High sampling rate design: improve the density and texture of the Audio, and the Audio is more delicate 3. Balanced input port (XLR input): 1. Support hot-swap technology, users do not need to worry about whether to operate with electricity 2. Plug and play, no need to switch, easy to use 4. Dynamic adjustment of effects: make the voice more appealing 5. Self-contained audio test system: It can accurately measure audio data, which is convenient for users to adjust the audio equipment to the ideal Audio faster and more accurately

2022 E300 Audio System Processor

DEL (Dual Engine Limiter), Dual Engine Limiter: Each output channel is equipped with a dual engine limiter function, applying our original algorithm to provide the most powerful system protection function with the lowest distortion, and protect the audio equipment as much as possible. Professional vocal effect processing: dynamic effect adjustment makes the voice more appealing; echo and reverberation effects will cover up the singer's voice, intonation and breathing problems, which are thicker and more layered than dry voices, so as to make the vocals more appealing. The purpose of people singing easily and listening comfortably. Ultra-low distortion: With excellent hardware design and DSP algorithm optimization, E300 reduces THD+N (Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise) to the limit, accurately presents the rich details of the input audio signal, and restores the input signal almost perfectly , experience the new upgrade. 96kHz sampling rate, 64Bit calculation accuracy: 96kHz high sampling rate design can effectively reduce signal loss and processing delay; 64Bit high-precision data calculation, so that the audio data can maintain high fidelity and high restoration characteristics after processing; the industry-leading low-jitter clock is used to make the The Audio Audios warmer and more natural. Convenient PC control software: Through the control software, users can not only easily control the parameters of the equipment, but also monitor the working status of the compressor in real time; the pioneering introduction of RTA (Real-time Audio Analysis) function helps Audio engineers quickly and accurately call out the ideal Audio, bringing it the ultimate experience; rich shortcut key operations and dark style design interface bring users a good interactive and visual experience.

2022 V5 Audio System Processor

This product is a Kara 0K Audio system processor with vocal effects and speaker processing functions

2022 M5Pro Audio System Processor

This product is a Kara 0K Audio system processor with vocal effects and speaker processor functions

2022 A100 Audio System Processor

This product is a Kara 0K Audio system processor with vocal effects and speaker processing functions
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