What is an audio processor?

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Audio processing is an audio processing device that we often use when we use many large electronic equipment. It can help us control music or Audiotrack, make it produce different Audio effects in different scenes, increase the shock of music or Audiotrack, and at the same time. Ability to control many audio functions in the field.

Digital processor Audio processor, also known as digital processor 
, is the processing of digital signals, and its internal structure is generally composed of an input part and an output part. Its internal functions are more complete, and some have processing modules that can be dragged and programmed, and users can freely build the system. In general, an audio processor is a series of audio devices that modify, process, and process audio signals.

The audio processor can meet the needs of various applications.
The audio processor converts the multi-channel input analog signal into a digital signal, and then performs a series of tunable algorithm processing on the digital signal to meet the requirements of improving Audio quality, matrix mixing, noise cancellation, and noise cancellation. Echo, feedback cancellation and other application requirements. Then output multi-channel analog signal through digital-to-analog conversion.