Meetings need such an audio accessory microphone!

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The microphone industry has undergone continuous innovation. Traditional microphones need to be held in the hand all the time. It is relatively heavy and laborious. It has been improved into today's audio accessories gooseneck microphone. It can be fixed on the desktop and does not need to be held in the hand all the time, which is greatly convenient to use. Loved by all kinds of meeting rooms. The gooseneck microphone of bomo's audio accessories is perfected on this basis.

Innovation 1: small distortion

Whether it is a wired microphone or a wireless microphone, it has faced the problem of sound distortion from the very beginning. I believe that people who have held the microphone to speak will be startled by the amplified sound. Is that their own voice? I believe that many people have had such questions. It is precisely based on this shortcoming that when bomo develops the gooseneck microphone for audio accessories, it first considers this problem. The high-performance electronic circuit composition solves this problem well.

Innovation two: no noise

The noise problem has always been a difficulty that the audio-visual industry has been working hard to overcome. However, in the face of the increasingly complex sound pickup environment, this is often solved and the other has emerged. Therefore, the latest technology to overcome noise is also closer to wifi, bomo cloth wood. The gooseneck microphone for audio accessories has made great efforts in anti-interference. During the research and development, excellent electromagnetic (EMI) and radio frequency (RFI) shielding effects have been added to prevent any external interference.

Innovation three: high sensitivity

Audio accessories gooseneck microphones are mostly fixed on the desktop, so the design of the gooseneck must be flexible and stable to meet the accurate and clear pickup. Therefore, when bomo develops the gooseneck microphone, it uses a small gooseneck diameter. On the basis of flexible adjustment, the shell is also cast with durable alloy and coated with a non-reflective coating, which fully considers the user's state.