Leimeng Technology launched the "Application Technology Service Station" program to better serve customers

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In order to improve product service for customers, understand the company's products in the market and feedback, and better optimize products and services, Leimeng Technology has launched a plan to set up " application technology service stations " across the country this year. Once the plan was put forward, it was supported by many regional distributors. During this tour, Leimeng Technology will also hold a trial " Audio Industry Application Technology Exchange Activity " in the city where the tour is located or in the surrounding cities. Some urban users have expressed their interest in the "Application Technology Service Station" and are continuing to contact the details of follow-up cooperation.

Colleagues in Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Gansu and surrounding areas who are interested in learning can contact the staff in advance to obtain information such as the location of technical exchange activities. Contact information of on-site staff of Leimeng Technology: 19124238198