Say goodbye to mediocrity, refuse to be fixed, the public attention


Corporate story

What Leimeng Technology needs to do is to popularize and promote the use, application knowledge, and importance of audio equipment, as well as the promotion of domestic independent products, for the role of "audio system manager". Make good manufacturing audio products available to everyone. As the manager of the complete set of audio equipment, improving the quality of the complete set of audio equipment is the mission of Leimeng Technology Products.

Make high-quality products and serve the public!

Although Leimeng Technology is still very small, it is like mushrooms after a spring rain, and it will continue to grow and grow rapidly.

Therefore, everyone agreed that the name of the new company was "Guangzhou Leimeng Technology Co., Ltd.", and the trademark with the characteristic element of the seal script "Meng" was selected as the company logo and the main trademark of the product.

Because of the hardware design, internal computing architecture and algorithm of this product, I can proudly say that this is our own design and algorithm!

Corporate story